Additional services
  • We would like to make your stay at Playa Park Zensation unforgettable, which is why we offer you the following options to complement your stay to your satisfaction.
  • Pool Towels
    Pool towels are available for our guests. A deposit of 10 € in cash per towel is required at Reception. The cost of renting a towel is 1 €. The change of towel costs 1 €. If you wish to return the towel, you can do so with the lifeguards who will return the card which you can exchange again at Reception to reclaim the deposit.
  • Extra Services:
    If you wish, extra services are available for an additional charge. We can offer you bouquets of flowers, chocolates, cakes, champagne, teddy bears to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, etc. or provide you with parking in El Campanario Shopping Centre.
  • Flowers
    Minimum price: 30 €
    Minimum order in advance: 24 h
  • Bouquet of flowers and Lindt chocolates
    Minimum price: 45 €
    Minimum order in advance: 24 h
  • Bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne and Lindt chocolates: 65 €
    Minimum order in advance: 24 h
  • Teddy bear and Lindt chocolates: 20 €
    Minimum order in advance: 24 h
  • Parking : 10 euros per night at CC el Campanario 200 mtrs away
  • Cake : 5 € per Kilo
    Other Services:
  • UPGRADES to Superior Room on request
  • Breakfast: 10 euros
  • Lunch: 15 euros
  • Dinner: 20 euros
  • Premium Dinner: 25 euros
  • Half Board + Drink: 17 euros
  • Full Board + Drink at Lunch and Dinner : 20 euros
  • All Inclusive Bronze - Basic: 25 Euro
  • All Inclusive Gold - Ultra: 35 euros
  • Late Check Out : Check availability
  • Infinity Day Pass: 10 euros
  • Spa: Check information on this web app
  • If you need something special, please contact our Whatsapp number and we will do our best to give you different options.